ExtremeCool360 thermal adhesives sheets are high quality thermoplastic components with an excellent price-performance ratio. With an excellent thermal conductivity of 3W/mK the EC360® ADHESIVE WHITE series are the perfect adhesive for thermal pads. Despite a very high thermal conductivity these pads have a good adhesion. The primary use is as an adhesive for thermal pads or also for attaching cooling components like heatsinks to RAM, Northbridge and other electrical components. The thermal adhesive is double sided.


Types and Configuration

ThicknessAvailable sizes
0.15 mm / 0.007 inches50x50 mm, 100x100 mm, 200x200 mm

Technical Properties

PropertiesUnitValueTest method
Thermal ConductivityW/mk3.0ASTM D 5470
Thermal ResistanceC°-in2/W0.39ASTM D 5470
HardnessShore OO33ASTM D 2240
Steel Adhesiong / 25 mm1000ASTM D 1000
Elongationhours>48ASTM D 1000
Volume ImpedanceOhm-cm1.0 x 10¹⁴ASTM D 257
Breakdown VoltagekV/mm4.0ASTM D 149
Usable Temperatures°C-50 - 120EN 344