From small CPUs to industry solutions, EC360® Thermal Compounds offer a wide range of applications. With different thermal conductivities, sizes and strengths our thermal compounds can be tailored especially to your needs.

Thermal Pads

  • EC360® GREEN: Flexible silicone-based allround thermal pads (Thermal conductivity: 2.5 W/mK)
  • EC360® BLUE: Flexible silicone-based premium thermal pads (Thermal conductivity: 5 W/mK)
  • EC360® BRONZE: High-Performance thermal pads (Thermal conductivity: 8 W/mK)
  • EC360® SILVER: Extreme-Performance thermal pads (Thermal conductivity: 12 W/mK)
  • EC360® GRAPHITE: Extreme-Performance graphite pads (Thermal conductivity: 25 / 1500 W/mK)

All thermal pads are manufactured in different sizes and thicknesses. The thermal pads can be cut into custom sizes on request.

Thermal Paste

  • EC360® CARBON: Nano-Carbon based allround thermal paste (Thermal conductivity: 5.15 W/mK)
  • EC360® DIAMOND: High-Performance thermal paste (Thermal conductivity: 11 W/mK)

Thermal Glue & Thermal Adhesive