From small CPUs to industry solutions, EC360® Thermal Compounds offer a wide range of applications. With different thermal conductivities, sizes and strengths our thermal compounds can be tailored especially to your needs.

Thermal Pads

Thermal pads come in different types. There are thick gap-filler thermal pads that are used to bridge gaps (silicone-based thermal pads for example), as well as very thin thermal pads that are designed for direct contact (graphite sheets for example).

Silicone-based Thermal Pads

  • EC360® GREEN: Flexible silicone-based allround thermal pads (Thermal conductivity: 2.5 W/mK)
  • EC360® BLUE: Flexible silicone-based premium thermal pads (Thermal conductivity: 5 W/mK)
  • EC360® BRONZE: High-Performance thermal pads for beginners (Thermal conductivity: 8 W/mK)
  • EC360® SILVER: Mid-range High-Performance thermal pads (Thermal conductivity: 12 W/mK)
  • EC360® GOLD: High-Performance thermal pads for intermediate users (Thermal conductivity: 14.5 W/mK)
  • EC360® PLATINUM: Top-class High-Performance thermal pads (Thermal conductivity: 16.6 W/mK)

Graphite-based Thermal Pads

  • EC360® GRAPHITE: Extreme-Performance graphite pads (Thermal conductivity: 25 / 1500 W/mK)

All thermal pads are manufactured in different sizes and thicknesses. The thermal pads can be cut into custom sizes on request.

Thermal Paste

  • EC360® CARBON: Nano-Carbon based allround thermal paste (Thermal conductivity: 5.15 W/mK)
  • EC360® DIAMOND: High-Performance thermal paste (Thermal conductivity: 11 W/mK)

Thermal Glue & Thermal Adhesive